With a 52 years legacy, ATA-DC’s mission has been cultivating the diversity in our city through its cultural, social and educational programs. In addition to the Turkish Festival, ATA-DC will take Washingtonians on a magical tour of Turkey with a variety of events showcasing Turkish culture, traditional arts, cuisine and movies during the 5th Annual Turkish Heritage Month. This cultural celebration will also highlight one of the regions of Turkey: the Ancient City of Ephesus, one of the most ancient cities of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors will have a chance to get a glimpse of Ephesus at the Annual DC Turkish Festival.

In addition, to the Festival, the Turkish Heritage Month calendar will feature the following events:

Aug 29: Turkish Gourmet Cuisine Event at Erdal Sarper’s Residence
Sep 07: THM Kick-off Event: “Istanbul, where East Meets West”
               Presentation by KeyTours @ the WBG
Sep 08-17: Turkish Restaurant Week
Sep 09: Turkish Festival Garden Fundraiser Event at Atac Family Residence
Sep 10: Neotolia Concert @ Twins Jazz Club
Sep 16: Istanbul Calling Event at Gallery NK
Sep 24: 15th Annual DC Turkish Festival
Sep 27: Turkish Movie Screening at the Goethe Institute
               (Kedi and Crossing the bridge)